15 successful creatives with cats

We have collected dozens of exciting creative ideas with cats for your inspiration. Caution: This article can induce an awww attack!

15 successful creatives with cats

Advertising studies (oh no, not in cats) are constantly in progress, and they show that we can sell just about anything with fluffy paws and whiskers. Advertisements with animals are eye-catching and cause less negativity than ads involving people. Cat creatives can help to promote a wide variety of products, from obvious ones, such as furniture and home accessories, to training courses and cosmetics.

Furniture and Household Goods

Cats and homeliness are almost synonymous. If a kitty is lying on a table, pouf, chair, or is just sitting next to a beautiful photo frame, it adds points to any advertising creative.

If the budget allows, you can capture cats at home, as IKEA regularly does. The message is perfectly perceived: where a cat finds comfort, a person will enjoy too.

The furniture factory Lazurit has a mascot - cat Pouf. He stars in all the commercials and participates in the creatives of the brand. Cutie, isn’t he?

Premier, the paper towel manufacturer, showed that the surface would be clean, as if a kitten licked the stuff off with its tongue.

Real Estate

Our pets experience the life’s important moments with us. Buying and moving into a new apartment - is not it a special event? The advertisement showed the family’s acquaintance with the new neighbours through the eyes of two cats.

Beauty and Health

In an advertisement for Vivienne Sabo, cats help their mistress to get ready for a date.

Webinars and Courses

A kitty draws attention to a webinar on working with marketplaces. We didn’t get it – why it is wearing a helmet and why there is a cat in this creative at all – but still, the advertisement stuck in the memory, which means it works.

Subscription Services

We are all little kitties to some extent when we are listening to our favourite music, audiobooks or podcasts. The ad has worked here too.


Banks use kitties to slightly reduce the degree of severity and the audience’s fear of mortgages and credit cards. Although those with whiskers are not directly related to either the bank or its products in any way.

Mobile Operators

In cellular communication creatives, cats symbolize stability and tranquility. The MTS operator used a pun in its advertising - a QR-cat instead of QR-code!

In its turn, Tele2 advertises its tariffs for small businesses evoking perceivable associations with prospects and growth - from a small cat to a big strong lion.

Household Appliances

Classic - cats advertise how to get rid of cat hair.

В кампании бренда Polaris снимали котиков рядом с роботами-пылесосами


Medical products are not easy to promote anyway - there are too many restrictions. Cats help here too: where real doctors can’t be shown, a cat in a white coat may be depicted.

You can add humour (similar to banks) to reduce the degree of severity, to laugh at stereotypes.

Digital agencies

Cats and advertising are two inextricably intertwined entities. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine social media marketing without kitties. Therefore, digital agencies are still using cats to promote their services.

The image of cute animals suggests that the future customers will be treated with the same care and attention.