5 mistakes in Facebook advertising

We have listed 5 mistakes in Facebook advertising, so that you can avoid them and reduce the losses from advertising on Facebook.

5 mistakes in Facebook advertising

Every year Facebook comes up with some new trends that most marketing experts fail to notice. To optimize these new features and figure out how they work, you constantly have to keep up to date. It's not so easy to constantly monitor everything — either way, you'll end up missing something.

This is why we have listed 5 mistakes in Facebook advertising, so that you can avoid them and reduce the losses from advertising on Facebook.

Mistake 1: Inefficient Facebook Advertising account structure

Facebook Ads has a specific Facebook advertising account structure based on current campaigns and ad sets. One campaign should have at least one ad group. Facebook usually suggests creating several groups and ads within each campaign, but this can lead to problems — there will be a mess in your advertising account, and your campaigns will not be able to achieve optimal results.

This can happen if, for example, a marketing expert creates several ad groups for the same promotion. What will happen? Facebook's algorithm optimizes the ads that work best. And if you have several ad groups, you will pay for optimization in each of these groups, thus spending more money on advertising than you planned.

This is why you should not rush to create additional sets of ads for the same offer. Do this only if you have an efficient advertising strategy and budget.

Mistake 2: Choosing the wrong advertising target

Even experienced advertisers can sometimes make mistakes advertising by choosing the wrong campaign goal on Facebook.

Let us say you have two campaign goals:

  • to get traffic to the site
  • to attract potential customers.

This means you need to create separate campaigns targeting each individual target. There, you have options:

  • you can raise brand awareness.
  • increase traffic.
  • increase engagement.
  • attract potential customers or increase the number of downloads of your application.

Before choosing a goal, you need to be clear about which audience you want to reach and what actions you expect from the audience after they see the ad.

Mistake 3: Not taking ad fatigue into account

Have you been using the same creative formats for months? This could also be one of the mistakes in Facebook advertising that you may be making. Even if you get results from similar types of content for some time, after a while people will inevitably get tired of it. Advertising will start to work worse or stop working at all.

If you lack new ideas for your Facebook ads, you can use an advertising analysis solution such as AdHeart to find out what creatives competitors are using, and reproduce successful marketing strategies and creatives.

AdHeart is an excellent advertising research tool that will allow you to find out who your competitors are and what creatives they use to launch successful Facebook campaigns! You can search for creatives by highlighted keywords, URLs, and more.

With AdHeart, you also can:

  • Filter by ad positions and geo
  • See all creatives analytics.
  • Get access to millions of creatives.
  • Search by keywords/Phrases/Terms/Brands

Mistake 4: No control over the advertising budget

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is that it allows you to control the cost of advertising depending on your budget. However, marketing experts often overspend on Facebook advertising, exceeding their advertising budget.

If your advertising budget is small, there is a chance that your advertising campaign may not work well enough. To achieve success, marketing experts often exceed the advertising budget, but we recommend avoiding this behavior.

If it's difficult for you to figure out which budget is optimal for a campaign, use ad analytics to analyze ad bids. This will help to adjust the advertising budget to reduce costs and achieve better results.

Mistake 5: Campaigns are not tracked

Some marketing experts think that their job is just to launch a Facebook campaign, and when the ads have passed moderation, these guys do nothing but twiddle thumbs. If you don't track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, how do you know that advertising isn't working?

Facebook ads need constant monitoring. You may need to change an ad, or disable an ineffective one, or add a new one to the ad group. We have heard many stories about the campaign not being paused for the night or for the weekend, having millions fritter away!

But now that you have learned about the most common mistakes, you will try to prevent them. And AdHeart will be a great helper for you in this.