How is better to run nutrition: SS, COD, Trial through Facebook in 2024

The growth of the nutrition market is connected to the raise of people’s interest in a healthy lifestyle. How to make advertising on it


The growth of the nutrition market is connected to the raise of people’s interest in a healthy lifestyle, high awareness of the benefits of natural products, and the desire for personalized nutrition. Also, there are more and more people suffering from food-related diseases, which also contributes to the growth in demand for nutrition products.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

COD (Cash on Delivery) is a payment method where the buyer pays for the goods only upon receiving them. This payment model is most common in the nutrition segment and popular in many Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions. In more developed Tier 1 countries like the USA, Germany, Australia, etc., SS offers are more preferable because of the widespread use of credit cards in these geographies.

In this funnel model, users are attracted with a bright creative, directed to a product information page, and prompted to place an order by providing their contact details. They then await a call from the call center to confirm the order and arrange delivery. The customer pays for the goods upon receipt. The call center may also offer extra products or services during communication with the customer. Additionally, many affiliates mistakenly believe that products are sold by piece. For example, if a weight loss supplement costs $30 on the website, affiliates wonder why people are not buying or refusing to make a purchase. In reality, the call center tries to sell several units of the product or even a package at a higher price.

The advantage of this payment model is that the customer doesn't have to worry about entering credit card details, which can lead to increased conversion rates and reduced customer acquisition costs. The webmaster receives payment after the call center contacts the customer and receives confirmation of the order from them.

SS (Straight Sale)

These offers are in high demand in Tier 1 countries, primarily in the USA, due to the high standard of living and purchasing power of people in these regions. People in these countries are highly aware of the concept of online shopping and can afford to make quick and impulsive purchases. The sales funnel for SS offers involves stimulating the user to make a purchase on the site and pay for it immediately using a credit card. This model may also offer beneficial terms for purchases: the more items added to the cart, the lower the price per unit or some discount may be provided.

The sales process with SS offers starts with the user's interest in the creative, after which they move to the pre-landing page to get detailed information about the product. If the offer meets their needs, the user proceeds to the advertiser's landing page, where three product options are presented. The goal of the pre-landing and landing pages is to convince the buyer to purchase multiple items at once, enhancing traffic quality. After selecting the items, the user pays for them using a credit card, leading to instant conversion.

When working with SS offers, a webmaster is not dependent on call centers, approval rates, or caps (as in COD offers). The webmaster receives payment for each successful conversion, allowing to scale.


Trial is a way of purchasing a product where the customer pays only for courier delivery and receives the product for a specified trial period (2 weeks) for testing. If the customer decides to keep the product after this period, they will be charged the full price of the item, as well as the cost of packaging or any additional packaging of the product.

The webmaster's payment is based on the average price of the customer's cart, naturally the more items, the better the quality. Typically, traffic is evaluated when the website has generated 10-15 conversions, and then the webmaster's payment is calculated.

In such offers, the webmaster's payment is usually lower, and the main challenge is convincing the user to not only make a trial order but also next ones. With a high rate of refusals, the advertiser may request traffic to be stopped. The choice of payment model depends on the target audience and geographical location: the Trial model works better in more developed Tier 1 countries like the USA, where online payments are popular, while Cash on Delivery (COD) may be preferred in Tier 3 countries where hardly anyone uses credit cards.


For beginners, I recommend using the COD payment model, as it is simpler and cheaper for newbies, since this model is mainly used in cheaper geo-locations. When you get tired of waiting for approval from the call center, you can switch to SS/Trial, just make sure to have a certain amount of money for testing, as Tier 1 countries are not a cheap pleasure. In any of these payment models, it is still necessary to conduct tests of landing pages/pre-landers, as well as with creatives.