How to Use Adheart to Boost Your Instagram Ads

How to minimize time input on this when launching advertising for the first time or planning a large-scale advertising campaign on Instagram

How to Use Adheart to Boost Your Instagram Ads

How to find out the key advertising trends on Instagram, explore the markets of different countries and figure out how competitors advertise? How to minimize time input on this when launching advertising for the first time or planning a large-scale advertising campaign on Instagram?

Try Ad Intelligence services like Adheart.

How to Use Adheart to Boost Your Competitive Advantage in Instagram Ads

Step 1: Identify your competitors

The first step is to determine who your competitors are! Perform a research in your niche or industry to see who is doing great. Find out their engagement and popularity metrics and list them as your competitors for analysis.

Step 2: Follow Instagram profiles

To understand what kind of posts they publish on social networks, you need to peek at your competitors’ Instagram ads by going to their profiles. This will allow you to stay up to date with their posts, stories and promotions.

Step 3: Follow their feed and stories

Instagram stories are incredibly effective at reaching a large number of users. Marketing specialists and influencers strategically use this feature for various purposes such as displaying ads, promotional campaigns, offering rewards and gifts, and most importantly, receiving real-time feedback. That’s why we recommend constantly monitoring your competitors’ Instagram feeds and stories to gain valuable insights into their content strategy.

Step 4: Use ad analysis tools

Using the Ad Library, you can find ad creatives by any desired item, whether it’s a specific phrase, a person’s name, or a web page. Additionally, if an advertiser doesn’t have an associated Facebook page, they can still find their Instagram ads by searching by their Instagram account name.

For example: you are a cosmetics brand and are planning to release a new aloe vera cream. You want to know which companies are using special offers or discounts to attract customers and which ads are getting the most attention by keywords. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Adheart and login / register an account. Then go to Creatives and find the “Position Platform” option. Select Instagram from the drop-down list of social networks. Click the “Find Creatives” button.

You will see all active Instagram ads. Then you can narrow your search - for example, by keywords, ad format, and the presence of text.

You can open a full-sized ad you are interested in. You can view all the ads that lead to this landing page or profile. You can also look at other ads with the same image and see which ones were more effective.

Pay attention to successful elements in your competitors’ advertising. This can give you an idea of what strategies work well in your niche.

Based on the information you have collected, plan your own promotional campaign with attractive offers or discounts to increase your sales.

Step 05: Analyze ad copy and creatives

Take a close look at your competitors’ advertising, including the photos, the words they use, and how they ask people to take an action. Pay attention to the storytelling in the ad and what kind of visuals they use.

Step 06: Determine targeting and segmentation

Look for patterns in demographics (such as age and gender), interests, geo and behaviour. This will help you to understand which specific group of people your competitors are looking to connect with and gain attention.

Step 07: Track engagement and performance metrics

Keep an eye on Instagram engagement metrics, furthermore you can track engagement on other platforms, such as Facebook. This will give you insight into campaign performance and audience engagement levels.

Step 08: Adapt and innovate

Finally, use the knowledge you gain from Adheart in your advertising campaign. Identify campaign strengths and weaknesses and find ways to differentiate your brand by offering unique value propositions and innovative approaches.

It is important to be ethical and respect intellectual property rights. Use the information you collect responsibly, but do not blindly copy others’ ads.

By following these steps and staying vigilant, you will not only get into effective Instagram advertising strategies, but also boost your brand’s presence on the platform.