How to use Notion AI for marketers

How a neural network by Notion can help an affiliate marketer and other marketing specialists, what are its advantages and disadvantages

How to use Notion AI for marketers

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly – while previously there were no solutions other than ChatGPT for quickly generating texts, this year several players appeared on the market: Llama by Meta, a neural network by Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Notion AI. Let's talk about

the latter – how a neural network by Notion can help an affiliate marketer and other marketing specialists, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Notion AI

Notion is a workspace for teams and personal use in which you can write notes, create tasks, maintain calendars and Kanban boards, work with databases and texts. The service also has its own AI model called Notion AI. It generates texts based on ready-made templates and text prompts.

Using it, you can:

●   write and edit posts for social networks, translate them into 14 languages

●   create articles, press releases, presentation texts for clients from scratch

●   correct grammar and spelling

●   brainstorm: get a lot of creative ideas for a given request;

●   make a list of pros and cons of a specific product;

●   prepare an email newsletter.

How Notion AI differs from ChatGPT

Comparisons with the text generation industry giant ChatGPT are inevitable, and the AI models are similar in many ways. But there also are differences:

1. Built-in tools. ChatGPT is an AI-integrated chatbot. Notion AI is a full-fledged application in which you can do everything in one window, without preliminary preparation and copying into a document.

2. Differences in interaction. Since ChatGPT is a bot, you have to ask it a question to get an answer. If you need to clarify details, create a request or correct the text sent to the bot, this is a new prompt which means a waste of time and money. With Notion AI, you simply edit a text within the app without creating a new request. As an example, let’s generate a text on the topic “Gymnastics for the eyes” and translate it into English.

3. History of interaction. If you want to find a piece of text in a dialogue with ChatGPT, you have to scroll to the top. In Notion AI, all edits are cached and you can simply return to the previous version of the document.

4. Notion AI will not communicate with you. With ChatGPT you can do some semblance of a conversation.

5.  Quality of texts. Notion AI is not creative enough and, for instance, will not be able to write a beautiful poem. This tool is, after all, tailored for business texts.

Advantages of Notion AI

We at Adheart tested Notion AI and identified several important advantages:

1. Russian language support. Wherever you are, you will not need to enter a request in another language and translate it into Russian. You won't need a VPN either.

2. Notion AI works in the browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android. You can use it wherever it is convenient.

3. Notion has dozens of modules and ready-made templates that you can change and transform as you wish. You can take advantage of the community’s help and use other people’s ready-made solutions for your tasks.

4. Simplicity. You don't need any special technical skills, you can learn how to use Notion AI in a couple of hours.

5. Teamwork – several people can work on the same document.

How to use Notion AI

1. Go to the official website of the service and click on the “Get Notion Free” button in the upper right part of the screen.
2. Log in using your Google or Apple account.
3. Select the mode of use - for team, personal use or training. The set of functions is the same for all modes.

The service offers 4 tariff plans, but you can only pay for them with foreign cards.

If you are unable to purchase a paid subscription, you can bypass the restrictions by creating a new workspace on a different account.

How to generate texts in Notion AI

1. Left menu → “Getting Started”, click “+”. In the Reading List tab, scroll down to the text field and press the spacebar.

2. Enter the text prompt in the desired language, select a template and press “Enter”. You can use 13 presets that Notion AI will offer you. Promt + preset will give a more structured and accurate text.

As an example, using Notion AI, we will write a post for social networks on the topic: “How to lose weight: 3 secret methods.”

3. Now, the text can be edited. If you highlight the desired part of the text and click “Ask AI”, and select the “Confident” option in the “Change tone” menu, the tone of the text will become more serious.

AI can also translate, simplify, shorten or lengthen texts, highlight key points, and check for errors and commas.


The texts that Notion AI creates are no worse than those generated by ChatGPT, but at the same time everything is free for you.

Nota bene: neural networks are not yet perfect and cannot do all the work for you. The texts from Notion AI still need improvement and editing. But if you need to generate a couple of thousand ads, texts for banners or descriptions, it is ideal for these kind of tasks.

Notion AI is a really cool, convenient and cheap solution, try it and save your working time through this!