Review of CLOACKING.HOUSE: why all affiliate marketers need this cloak

How to set up an advertising campaign splitting traffic flows and avoid bans with Cloacking.House

Review of CLOACKING.HOUSE: why all affiliate marketers need this cloak

Almost all affiliate marketers know where the biggest money is – in grey niches (gambling, betting, dating, nutra, crypto). But moderators hardly ever approve ads in these niches. This can be avoided if at the stage of checking the campaign moderators (for example, those from Facebook) do not see the real landing page where the user ends up from the advertisement. So, there is no way around cloaks.

Cloak filters traffic so that moderators go to the white hat – a landing page that complies with all the rules, and users go directly to the landing page that we want to advertise (black hat).

СLOACKING.HOUSE is perfect for filtering traffic – it’s a convenient service that can be set up in two clicks. It filters unwanted traffic, protects against bots, moderators and spy services. Let’s take a closer look at what is so good about it and briefly tell you how to use it.

What is so good about CLOACKING.HOUSE?

● It works in all major advertising platforms: Facebook, TikTok, MyTarget, Yandex, Google Ads, etc.

● It offers advanced traffic filtering: by device, operating system, browser, country, VPN, ISP, Referrer, proxy, IPv6, etc.

● Statistics that even read clicks through a VPN or moderator; moreover, the statistics record where exactly the clicks went – to a whitepage or the offer.

● It’s completely a cloud service, not tied to a domain

● The PHP script is easy to install and configure without knowing how to program, and the interface is simple and understandable even for beginners

● There is the option to park your domain and configure filtering through a cloaked link (this option is not available in the trial version)

● It uses machine learning technologies ensuring a very high quality of filtering

The service database contains more than 400 bots that can be cut off during filtering.

Plus a nice bonus: a referral program, namely, 20% for each attracted user.

How to cloak a link using CLOACKING.HOUSE: PHP script integration method

This method is quite simple and can be used in the trial version.

Step 1: Register with the service

Registration is very simple: you only need an email (work one) and your name in Telegram. You can go to your personal account and start setting up right away, since new accounts work without email confirmation. You don’t need to pay for the service at once either – you can test the 7-day trial version.

2. Prepare a whitepage: domain, hosting, upload

● Buy a low-cost domain, hosting and link a whitepage to the domain. It is better that the name of the whitepage more or less matches the offer.

● Make a whitepage archive

● Upload to hosting

3. Create the first flow

In the “Flows” section you can actually create traffic flows. Upload to the White Page field a file from the root folder of the website on the hosting where the white page is located (the page that will be visible to bots and moderators), and a file from the root folder of the offer or a link to the affiliate program where you will lead the target audience – to the Offer Page field. If you upload the site.php file from hosting, you need to select the “Upload” method, but if you lead the audience to an affiliate link, select the “Redirect” method.

4. Working with flows

The key parameters by which the script will filter traffic are already on; you don’t need to bother about it. But you can set advanced settings: the number of clicks from one IP per day to limit transitions from bots, the number of clicks before filtering, etc.

Incoming traffic will be sorted by country, device, browser and operating system.

Flows can be copied, edited, deleted, suspended and restarted.

For each flow in the account, a separate script is created which you need to download, unzip the file and upload it to the root folder of the website on the hosting, where the white page is located. There is a free video guide on how to do this in your CLOACKING.HOUSE personal account.

Attention: each flow and its script version are unique, so if you edited or changed something in the flow, download the script file of the type index.php and upload it again to the root folder of the website on the hosting.

5. Start the flow

Download the script as an archive with 1 index.php file, unzip it and upload it to the hosting where the white page is located.

After integration, you can check how the filter works: follow the link with and without a VPN, and check where exactly you end up, whether the final link matches what was specified in the filters. Another option: enter your IP address in the white list at the end of the flow – it this case you will not need to disable filters and use a VPN. The system will ignore filters and redirect you to the offer.

After you have uploaded the script to the root folder of the white page on your hosting, all that is left to do is to set the status of the flow – “active” (that is, start it) or “pause”.

Integration method: cloaked link

This method allows you to park a domain – in this case, you will not need to upload a white page to your hosting. White page and offer will be loaded directly from the link. This option is only available in paid CLOACKING.HOUSE plans.

You can buy and link a domain right in your personal account – to do this you need to replace the domain server NS with cloak NS.

Having carried out all the necessary manipulations with the domain, you can proceed to setting up flows – we described it in detail above.

Subscription plans

CLOACKING.HOUSE offers 3 subscription plans – starter for $30, basic for $100 and premium for $200. They differ from each other only in the number of flows (it’s unlimited in the premium plan) and priority technical support.

After registration, you get a 7-day trial access ensuring that all the service features are immediately available, except for domain parking. To save time and money, it’s easier to take a paid plan for a year at once: you will get a good discount (up to 50%) and will be able to use the cloaked link, without the need to maintain your own hosting.


The service from the HOUSE team is young yet, but we advise you to take a closer look at it:

● it works with the most popular traffic sources – Insta, Facebook, Yandex, Google, etc.;

● advanced statistics that are updated regularly

● flexible and extensive flow settings, the ability to upload ready-made scripts without programming skills

● everything is simple and clear, user-friendly interface

● advanced affiliate marketers will appreciate the ability to create their own traffic blacklists

Plus genial technical support in Telegram will not leave you alone with accumulated questions – they will explain everything and help.

Using CLOACKING.HOUSE, you can efficiently set up an advertising campaign splitting traffic flows, avoid bans and efficiently deliver grey offers. Try it!