Types of Facebook Account Restrictions

Let me tell you a bit about personal profile restrictions on Facebook

Types of Facebook Account Restrictions

Hello everyone! Let me tell you a bit about personal profile restrictions.

Here's a screenshot to help you understand how your personal profile appears in the UBD tool when it is being reviewed by a support agent:

So, let's see the general information. The account is in the process of identity verification, 2FA is enabled on the personal profile and in Business Manager.

Locale: ru_RU - the language of your Facebook profile interface.

"Ad Accounts Banhammer" means that the profile is blocked.

In the Restrictions Info section, we can see subsequent statuses and reasons, which can help determine if restrictions can be lifted.

Main Statuses in Restrictions Info:

Status: REJECT_NORETRY or BUSINESS_INTEGRITY_RAR - This means that the account is permanently blocked and cannot be recovered.

Status: APPEAL_PENDING / ENTITY_HAS_PENDING_APPEAL - This means that you have already filed an appeal in the account quality section. You need to wait for a decision.

Status: DISABLED RISK - RISK_REVIEW - Your profile is blocked due to suspicious payment-related activity. Such restrictions can also be imposed when you are in a territory under US sanctions. Personal profiles can also receive "RISK" status, just like ad accounts.

Status: 2FAC Authenticity - In this case, you need to enable 2FA on your personal profile, and the restrictions will be lifted immediately.

Status: ADS_INTEGRITY_POLICY - Blocked due to a violation of advertising policies. It is similar to the ban on advertising activities, but it is displayed differently in our system.

Status: PREHARM - Indicates that identity verification failed. In the account quality section, you may find yourself in a loop of document uploads. Possible solution: Try uploading documents using the Meta ADS application. Within the app, go to the Help Center and find the article about "account quality." Follow the link in the "account quality" section to upload the document.