What you can’t save on in affiliate marketing - and what you can still do

AdHeart will tell you what you should not save on in affiliate marketing! You will learn why you should not save on various elements of the strategy, and at the end of the article, you will find a selection of the best ways to save without losing efficiency.

What you can’t save on in affiliate marketing - and what you can still do

The desire to save money is natural for affiliate marketers - after all, the less webmasters spend on promotion, the higher is their final ROI. However, far from all things in affiliate marketing can be skimped on...

Many specialists do not know this and, in pursuit of savings, make serious mistakes that affect the performance of campaigns.

Today we will fix this – in this article we will tell you what you should not save on in affiliate marketing! You will learn why you should not save on various elements of the strategy, and at the end of the article, you will find a selection of the best ways to save without losing efficiency.

On traffic and its quality

You cannot skimp on traffic and its quality – one way or another, this leads to problems.

The most obvious way for a webmaster to save money is to set a lower advertising rate. It is often used by the novice affiliate marketers who do not know how the bidding works.

The fact is that any advertiser participates in a bidding – he “struggles” with a rate for the highest quality audience segments. Accordingly, if you set a rate below the market, the algorithms will show ads to the less relevant users.

Consequently, there will be fewer conversions, and you’ll have to spend the saved money on tests and searching for a relevant, but inexpensive audience. In the end, you won’t be able to save money, but losing part of your income is quite possible.

There are other options to save on traffic, but they are also ineffective.

● For example, you can use cheap sources such as push notifications or teasers. The cost of promotion will be lower, but due to the low quality of the audience, conversions and approves will also fall.

● Another option is to reduce volumes, but at small volumes it will not be possible to optimize campaigns, conduct tests, collect enough data and scale the link. Therefore, when conducting tests, we recommend setting the average market rate, and building on the test results and not trying to lower the rate at the uploading stage. Anyway, you won’t be able to save on rates – cheap traffic is cheap because it brings few conversions.

On budgets

To comfortably test offers and promote, you need budgets. Many webmasters cut their budgets, take funds from the current assets and try to fit into the minimum amounts – with this approach you can’t expect a smooth and profitable uploading.

For example, if we talk about tests, their main goal is to collect information about the performance of certain approaches. If the budget is limited, you will have to save on either the quality or the volume of traffic. This means that in any case you won’t be able to run tests and collect the relevant data.

● If you calculate the budget for uploading and scaling incorrectly, you may fail to cover other expenses and lose the opportunity to fully implement the link.

● Also, a lack of budget can put a webmaster in an uncomfortable situation in a niche with a high average bill. For example, in cryptocurrencies or finance, the viewer needs time to decide on the desired action. If the funds run out early, you will not be able to continue promoting until the leads are converted.

To avoid such problems, calculate your budget correctly, allocate funds for tests, monitor your balance, and always have reserve funds.

On anonymity

Anonymity is crucial because it is thanks to it that webmasters can promote themselves in major advertising networks.

Saving on anonymity is not smart, because without properly configured tools you won’t even be able to launch campaigns. In addition, excessive saving on anonymity leads to blocking, and consequently, increased costs for accounts.

For example, if you skimp money on an anti-detect browser, you will not be able to work with several accounts simultaneously. You will have to manually switch proxies and run traffic from different devices – this is inconvenient, dangerous and in any case increases the risk of account ban.

Without cloacking, you’ll fail to promote gray offers – your profile will be blocked at the moderation stage. If you work without cloacking, you will have to limit your choice of sources and offers.

This is why we do not recommend saving on anonymity means – include their cost in your budget. Especially if you work with major advertising networks or gray offers.

On consumables

Consumables represent another important component of affiliate marketing, since a lot depends on their quality. Before we get into the consumables, it’s worth mentioning what exactly we’re talking about:

● Accounts. They are needed to access major advertising networks such as FB or Google;

● Payment details. They are needed to pay for advertising;

● Proxies. They are needed for multi-accounting, and are used in conjunction with an anti-detect browser;

● Domains. They are needed to post landing pages – they have to be updated, as they are blocked from time to time.

In fact, all consumables are required for one reason – advertising networks block affiliate marketers’ accounts and mark their data. To promote and avoid blocking, you need new consumables.

It’s not worth saving on them, since comfort and the ability to promote depend on it.

For example, if you save on accounts, they will not be trust ones and will be blocked faster. Low-quality payment details simply will not be accepted, and low-quality proxies and domains will lead to a quick ban.

As a result, even if you save on consumables, they will soon be blocked and the webmaster will need new ones. The miser pays twice :)

If you don’t want to constantly worry about blocking and the possibility of stopping campaigns in full swing by the advertising network, monitor the quality of consumables and their volumes, retain excessive consumables and allocate a budget for them.

What can you still save on?

You can’t skimp on many aspects of affiliate marketing, but there are some approaches that will help you save money and monetize your traffic more effectively:

● Freeware traffic. There are freeware traffic sources that can generate leads without actually spending on advertising. If you master them and select a promising source, you can have a good save;

● Tools. You can save money on services that are not related to anonymity – for example, graphic editors or SPY services. Free subscription or trial periods can often cover a webmaster’s range of needs without compromising efficiency;

● Taxes. You can use VAT-free accounts – with them, you can avoid paying advertising tax and skimp on traffic. For this purpose, it is enough that the advertising account is linked to a tax-free GEO – for example, to Ukraine;

● Fees. You can avoid fees when withdrawing, replenishing and turning over your budget using services for replenishing advertising accounts. They can be replenished without fees directly from the PP balance, furthermore, the webmaster is awarded bonuses for replenishing advertising accounts through such services;

● Extra monetization. You can link showcases with offers for extra monetization. When a user tries to leave your landing page, he/she will be directed to a news showcase with pre-landing pages containing various offers, thereby giving him a “second chance” to convert. You can create showcases on your own, or use special services – they will charge a fee for each conversion, but will save time;

● GEO. Traffic in some GEOs is cheaper – but it can still be effective. If you are on a limited budget, you should take a closer look at inexpensive geos and offers.

For example, the ARAY.COM affiliate network has various geos that are suitable even for beginners:

● Black latte (BG; ES; IT; PT; RO) – Coffee for weight loss. Transforms life into energy, removes wastes and toxins from the body

● Elance (BO; MX; PE) – Diet pills that quickly and effectively burn fat cells

● Uventa (CR; HN) – moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, protects against the environment

Use these methods in your affiliate routine – they will help you spend less and earn more.

Let’s wrap it up

There are not many ways to save on traffic in affiliate marketing – after all, almost every component of the strategy is important and a lack of budget will negatively affect campaigns.

Today we told you what you can’t skimp on and what you can. We hope this information will be useful when planning your budget and will help you avoid critical mistakes.