Why gambling is the best vertical to start in 2024? TOP 5 reasons

Why gambling is the best vertical to start in 2024? TOP 5 reasons

If you think that it's too late to get into gambling, you are making a big mistake. Our team is ready to break the most popular myths and fears. Let's figure out together what makes gambling so attractive for affiliates and webmasters and what opportunities it provides for a successful start.

Let's play trump card. The thing that gambling is the most profitable vertical in affiliate marketing is a fact. This vertical is characterized by a high volume of traffic, where millions of people bet every day.
A bit of statistics, in 2023, the revenue of online casinos worldwide increased by 20%, reaching $100 billion. The growth is particularly noticeable in South American countries, where revenue increased to $9 billion in percentage terms. These figures indicate that gambling revenues are steadily growing, which is a sign of continuous development and the potential of this vertical.

New markets - new opportunities for earning money

Gambling entertainment attracts a huge number of users and expands to new GEOs every year. Despite high competition, anyone can start making money here, thanks to new traffic sources and expanding coverage in developing countries with low entry barriers. Today, the main focus is on emerging markets of Latin America, India, Africa - in short, everything related to Tier-3. These regions have long been attracting attention, but this year they will become a very promising source - you can earn very decently here due to the volume. The main advantages of these markets are low testing costs and a huge audience looking for ways to make money. Additionally, there is a chance to start running without intense competition; the low entry barrier allows newcomers to try their hand.

The graph shows a steady growth in gambling revenues over the past seven years. This stable trend indicates that this growth will continue in the near future.

Online Gambling Industry Doubled in Four Years and Hit 176M Users and $95B  in Revenue in 2023 | News | FOCUS ON Business - Created by Pro Progressio

The trend of neural networks and their potential in gambling

It is hard to imagine an industry today that has not been touched by artificial intelligence - it has firmly entered our everyday lives. Gambling is a niche that keeps up with the times and quickly adapts to new trends.

In the gambling vertical, more and more businesses are starting to use neural networks, bringing a range of improvements such as optimizing workflow processes and fast analytics.

Now marketers and webmasters have access to tools that help achieve results in shorter time frames and with less effort. This is good news for beginners, no longer do they need to spend a lot of time on routine tasks and setting up processes at the start of their work.

The potential of influence traffic

In the gambling industry, the popularity of using influencers to attract traffic is growing, and this trend will gain momentum in 2024. When it comes to long-term gaming, influencer marketing becomes a powerful tool for establishing strong connections with the audience. Unlike aggressive advertising, which is often encountered in the gambling vertical, influencer advertising is native and more akin to a friendly recommendation. Of course, this is only possible if the influencer has built trust with their audience. Working with bloggers can bring excellent results in the long run, especially if they have an active and engaged audience, as well as quality content. One of the advantages of influence traffic is that here you can track the audience's reaction: advertisers can see interest and engagement through interaction with the content.

Access to marketing tools

Top gambling affiliate programs pay a lot of attention to marketing and provide their partners with access to promotional tools. These tools include advertising creatives, landing pages, and other promotional materials to attract an audience. Essentially, you don't need to come up with anything - after registration, you are ready to work.

Diversity of affiliate programs

In 2024, the choice of affiliate programs is vast. A correctly chosen offer accounts for 50% of success. To make an informed decision and select offers that align with your goals and strategy, carefully review the terms of the affiliate program before starting cooperation. This includes evaluating commissions, bonus programs, available advertising materials, as well as the program's reputation among other affiliates and webmasters.

Current trends indicate that the potential of the industry will only continue to grow. Every day, more and more people show interest in driving traffic to gambling. There are numerous strategies and opportunities available today for promoting products and services in this vertical, and you can choose what suits you best. It's time to start delivering!