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What does Adheart offer?


Advertisers can research potential costs, benefits, ideas and much more for all the ad networks and placements.

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    Proven ideas from millions of successful ad campaigns of your competitors on Facebook

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    Get insight into the best-selling ad format for your campaigns

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    Draw conclusions based on the data

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    Look for the best funnels for your niche




The largest collection of ads for different niches and funnels

  • 1B+

    creatives for search

  • 2.5B+

    media files for download

  • 57M+

    apps creatives

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Get tons of marketing opportunities in one place

Top Apps

Application analysis

Rate options

Search, sorting and saving the creatives

Work with creatives

Top Promoted Apps

We provide a broad range of options for analytics of application ads

Application Search

Search by app name or any its part; search for applications promoted for the specific period; filtering by platform (Android, iOS)

Top Promoted Apps

Top promoted apps for the specific period by the number of creatives used


By first appearance, last appearance, update date and many more

Application analysis

Analyze every step and implement new creatives

Promotion dynamics

Statistics on the daily number of promoted app creatives

Promotion statistics

The number of creatives per week, month and in total, ability to see all creative applications for a specified period

Latest found creatives

A quick way to get an idea of how an app is promoted

Working with creatives

Choose the best promo materials for your projects

Text translation

Translate whatever advertising text into English in one click


Add Facebook and Instagram pages, any applications or domains to a personal "blacklist"

Media download

Download full-size image/video of any desired creative

Search by creative

Find more creatives from the same Facebook or Instagram page, the same application or the same domain; search for all creatives leading to the domains on any specific IP

Geo targeted search

Displaying countries targeted by creatives

View full statistics

View the statistics for the creative, including its launch date, the last time it was active, and the duration of its activity


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