Developers' Diaries #1

This is our first changelog on Adheart solutions for affiliate marketers Developers' Diaries #1

Hey everyone, buenas noches, hi, salut! This is our first changelog; we plan to make this column regular (once every 1-2 months), but we'll see how it goes. In any case, nothing prevents you from reading the first issue of the "diaries", enjoying the development of the service, trying out, and putting a couple of features into action.

General: languages, payment, convenience

We've added three new languages right away: Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Now you can confidently recommend to your Ukrainian-, Spanish-, or Portuguese-speaking colleagues.

More languages - easier to use (:

In addition, you can now pay for the service with cryptocurrency, local currency (for those who find dollars inconvenient), or through HotMart.


We've introduced a filter by date of last activity to work only with current creatives and weed out the old stuff. We added a category filter so as not to dig through irrelevant creatives.

Life has become easier with this filter

In addition to new filters, we've added a function to search for teasers with the same creative file.


We've revamped the visual design of the profile, partners, dashboard, and payment pages.

Other perks

  1. Authorization and registration via Telegram, Google, and Facebook.
  2. Password change without requesting support, right from your account. Admit it, you've been waiting for this!
  3. Support request directly from the service page. If you noticed an orange circle in the lower right corner of the Main page and didn't know what it was, now you do - it's support.

Thank you for using, if you have ideas for its improvement, feel free to write to support - we'll read, consider, and implement everything!