How to use Facebook spy service

How to use spy services in affiliate marketing: the main advantages and functions. Find trending creatives at the Adheart database.

How to use Facebook spy service

In affiliate marketing and targeting, a point is quickly reached where it is hard for a specialist to come up with something new. The creative “muscle” gets tired, requirements for formats, texts, and images are growing, algorithms are constantly changing. What should you do to keep up with your competitors? How to quickly find working creatives to free up time for other tasks?

The most reliable way is to use spy services. Thanks to them, thousands of affiliate marketers and targetologists keep their finger on the pulse of competitors’ advertising campaigns. The services allow you to see other specialists’ ads and landing pages, get inspired by creatives, and figure out what’s trending and what’s outdated.

If you understand how spy tools work, you can:

● find popular key queries;

● find out basic data on competitors’ advertising campaigns: for example, target, geo, domain;

● find profitable and working links;

● find promising offers and geos;

● analyze advertising campaigns in detail: find out all the information about the leads, how long ads live, traffic sources, etc.

How to choose a spy service for an affiliate marketer

It should be borne in mind that there are no universal SPY services - they are all divided by traffic sources. There are services that deal only with the desktop and push notifications, and there are those that work exclusively with TikTok or Facebook - in this case you will need to buy several different services.

Spy services that work for free commonly have a very limited set of functions, incomplete statistics, and either cannot provide creative analytics at all or provide only a small part of it. Furthermore, a free service can’t ensure working with landing pages and fully editing them.

It’s better to pay for Adheart and get:

● Access to a huge database of creatives - more than 1 billion ads, and their number is growing every day

● Trending creatives and regular updates - no need to worry about how fresh the creatives you found are. You can be sure that the Adheart database is constantly updated;

● Filters. You can sort ads by keywords, by 50+ languages, by GEO and link, by publishers, by IP, content types, buttons and many other parameters;

● Detailed data on markets, traffic, CTA viewing and advanced search settings;

● Ability to download creatives for editing;

● Analytics. Adheart collects data on campaign timing, similar creatives from the same publisher, links to the landing page;

● Search by applications. There is expanded functionality for promoting applications - you can search for popular applications and creatives for them.

How to use spy tools effectively

Beginners in affiliate marketing often make the same mistake - they blindly copy the links they find without taking into account the specifics of their advertising campaign, geo or offer. Working with Adheart allows you to “disguise” some components of the link in order to further protect them from copying by other targetologists.

How to work with Adheart correctly:

1. Find a promising offer and work out an approach to dealing with it

2. Prepare a landing page, if necessary, download and edit it

3. Conduct a spy analysis of competitors: how they advertise themselves, where, what creatives they use, and evaluate the information received

4. Based on the data obtained, build a competent strategy - launch an effective advertising campaign that is protected from copying

Also check this guide, it will help you anyway.

You will have to work especially carefully with the landing pages that you downloaded. Please note that they may contain a broken code or a structure that is too simple and easy to copy.

The creatives that you downloaded cannot be used as they are - they require further development and at least simple A\B testing. Later on, any, even the most efficient creative, needs changing - experimenting with buttons, fonts, images.

Adheart will save you a lot of time searching for working creatives, as well as the budget for advertising campaign tests. Additionally, we recommend that you look into our guide to finding working links.