- Uses the best algorithms and Machine Learning to identify bots, modders and other unwanted traffic. Updated continuously in real time.

- Works perfectly with any traffic source: Facebook, Yandex, MT, TikTok and any other advertising platforms.

- Many filters for traffic filtering.
- All kinds of integrations PHP, JavaScript, Webview, iOS, Android, Wordpress. We use the most popular methods of content loading: without redirect, redirect, iframe.

- Detailed statistics on each click. Ability to create your own Black List. Integration with website builders.

- Permanent discounts. Unlimited clicks.
from 60$/month if you pay for a month
from 30$/month when paying for a year.

- Programming skills are not required. Setup in 2 minutes. Our service is cloud-based, you do not need to buy your own server and install our software.

By promo code ADHEART you will get a nice bonus of 40% on the first payment - just to "feel" and "touch" the service.