- Built-in cloaca
Preset filters to effectively filter bots, competitors, spies and other unwanted visitors by any source. External / internal DB, proprietary development of filtering algorithms.

- Unique technology for creating white pages
Create dozens of white pages in a few clicks. Use WordPress or our reverse-proxy-on-steroids technology. Set up easy and fast integration with builders (Shopify, etc.) in one copy-paste.

- Manage servers without headaches
DigitalOcean/AWS servers are created in 2 clicks in the Zeus interface automatically in the right config for the lowest possible price. Create fresh servers with unique IPs as close to your audience as possible.

- Manage lenders in a single interface
You can manage, modify and store all your lends directly in Zeus. Change one feed, save and get that change across all campaigns and servers.

- Redirect-free filtering
Tracking and filtering without redirects with any type of white pages setup. Single URL for whitepaper and lander.

- Detailed reports
Statistics by metrics and slices. Team and user statistics are available.

- Teamwork
Manage access rights in the team by user roles. Restrict access of users.
Applications and UAC

You can use the tracker inside your WebView application to display content, track and filter.