How to Generate 182 Leads in 32 Days for Permanent Makeup and Earn 2,100€ with Instagram in Spain: 8 Steps

This case study will prove helpful for both international professionals and experts in targeted advertising, allowing them to enhance their skills. I aim to provide a detailed account and uncover some secrets.

How to Generate 182 Leads in 32 Days for Permanent Makeup and Earn 2,100€ with Instagram in Spain: 8 Steps

This case study will prove helpful for both international professionals and experts in targeted advertising, allowing them to enhance their skills. I aim to provide a detailed account and uncover some secrets.

What sets us apart from other companies is that we don't sell individual services like "targeting," websites, or "content management" separately. For us, these are like an airplane without engines or wings. We understand that marketing tools only work effectively when integrated into a comprehensive system.

Since 2019, we have been crafting complete marketing strategies and toolkits that deliver measurable results for permanent makeup artists and studios in Russia, Europe, and Americas.

Now, let's dive into the details!🔥

Our client working on permanent makeup

What was the client's objective?

  • The customer approached us with the aim of receiving a consistent flow of warm leads (2-3 per day) for a permanent makeup service priced at 180€ (average 100€ in Spain) from Spanish-speaking clients on Instagram (we won't disclose the city).

💜 The client came to us through a referral from another master we promote in Rostov-on-Don, so there were no trust issues.

The previous digital marketer generated 65 leads in the first month, 30+ in the second, and even fewer in the third (with an average cost per lead of approximately 20 EUR, as the traffic was directed to a landing page, and the exact numbers were unknown to the client). The client's goal was to consistently receive 60 leads at a cost of 10 EUR per lead.

What did we have at the beginning?

  • An Instagram account with consistent Stories management.
  • 6 reviews.
  • A portfolio of 24 high-quality, professionally photographed and retouched permanent makeup works.
  • A budget of 600€ allocated for advertising.

What was our plan?

✅ Analyze clients and all offers within the client's city while developing our own unique approach, allowing us to sell permanent makeup at a 50% premium compared to competitors.

✅ Create an irresistible offer that no one in their right mind would refuse. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we developed an offer capable of captivating 10-25% of website visitors, enticing them to submit inquiries. We consider this stage to be crucial.

✅ Develop a high-converting sales website that effectively nurtures potential customers, compelling them to make a purchase and motivating them to submit their inquiries. The website employs persuasive strategies aimed at warming up prospects and driving them towards taking action.

✅ Build a WhatsApp chatbot for initial lead processing. This chatbot serves as a convenient tool for prompt responses, gathering essential information, and assisting in the initial stages of lead qualification. (Version 2)

✅ Create an advertising account in Facebook Business Manager, establish and link a pixel to the website for ad optimization purposes, and configure ad optimization events.

✅ Design 15 video creatives for posts and 9 video creatives for stories, incorporating authentic testimonials from women about their eyebrows, lips, and eyelids.

✅ Craft persuasive texts using 2 different structures.

✅ Launch Instagram advertising campaigns (Feed and Stories).

✅ Secure a case study for your portfolio, which you are currently working on.

How did we achieve the result?

To be honest, during the analysis stage (step 1), I felt confident.

Why? It's simple.

Firstly, the previous marketer had set up the advertising haphazardly through a personal account instead of a business account. They neglected to mention the pixel and other methods to maximize results.

In short, there were many clicks but few results.

Secondly, using the competitive intelligence service AdHeart, I discovered that there was only one competitor in Spain excelling in creatives and copywriting. Interestingly, they were not based in our city. I decided to analyze all the advertising on Instagram in Spain to see if the situation was equally grim everywhere. And indeed, it was.

Thirdly, nobody had sales-oriented websites at that time, so there was no competition in that regard.

We knew victory was within our grasp, even when competing with Russia. Only a 1% chance of a force majeure event like a tsunami or war remained. Let's not forget that we were selling at a 50% premium.

Now it was time for the offer (step 2).

Brand Character Universe Permanent presents the offer

In essence, our offer was designed to convey the concept of our service without revealing its exact details (due to contractual obligations).

For example, we would say, "I specialize in creating natural-looking permanent makeup that will make your friends think you've mastered the art of perfect makeup every morning."

This is just a glimpse of the complete offer. We tailor our messaging to address people's desires (based on survey data) and demonstrate how our service can help them move from discomfort to pleasure.

We enhance the offer with free consultations, bonuses, gifts, and a compelling call to action.

Now, let's talk about the sales-oriented website (step 3). We refer to it as a landing page or a single-page website with conversion rates ranging from 5% to 30%.

What's its structure?

  • The offer (as mentioned earlier)
  • Portfolio or examples of our work
  • Testimonials
  • About the artist section
  • Pricing
  • Contact information

This structure is typically sufficient, but we sometimes expand it to include up to 15 sections to address all potential objections.

Some Screenshots

To deliver the promised bonus right away, we set up a simple WhatsApp chatbot for introducing the artist, providing gifts, and asking the client initial questions (step 4).

Screenshot from SaleBot, a chatbot platform

Step 5: Setting up Facebook.

  • Create a Business Manager account.
  • Create an advertising account.
  • Set up a pixel.
  • Configure the pixel for tracking the event of submitting contact information, taking into account the latest Facebook updates.

Step 6: Design video creatives for Feed and Stories.

Video creatives capture attention better than static images and allow for the inclusion of any amount of text without facing restrictions. We created four types of Feed creatives and two types for Stories. I have attached an example of one type below.


Step 7: Writing the texts.

Here's the structure we followed:

  • Introduce the client's situation.
  • Highlight the pain points.
  • Provide hope.
  • Present the solution.
  • Emphasize the advantages of choosing our studio.
  • Explain why now is the right time.
  • Call to action to click the "Learn More" button.

Please note that this is a general structure, and the actual texts may vary based on specific details and the target audience.

Step 8: Launch advertising campaigns on Instagram through Facebook Business Manager.

As the final step, we launched the advertising campaign on Instagram via Facebook Business Manager. Within the first 24 hours, we achieved a lead cost as low as 2€, which eventually stabilized at an average of 3€ per lead.

Final screenshot of campaign results from January 12th to February 12th, 2023

From January 12th to January 30th, we ran the first offer, and from February 1st to February 12th, we ran the second offer. The website conversion rate for the first offer was 22.3%, while for the second offer, it was 12.26%.

Conversion screenshot from Flexbe website builder platform
Leads screenshot from Flexbe website builder platform

In total, we received 182 leads at a cost of 3.33€ (including VAT) per lead.

Here's what our client achieved:

💎 A fully functional marketing system for their permanent makeup service.

💎 An unbeatable offer for permanent makeup.

💎 A high-converting website with a lead cost of 3.33€ (including VAT).

💎 Professionally set up advertising campaigns on Instagram Feed and Stories.

💎 182 leads generated through the website (excluding Direct messages) for a service priced at 180€ (market average is 100€).

💎 As of February 18th, 2023, they had 45 bookings for consultations, with 29 attendees. Eight people purchased a single area for 180€, and two people purchased two areas for 330€. In total, sales amounted to 2,100€. Additionally, one person who initially inquired about the service expressed interest in attending a permanent makeup training for 1,800€.

Client's testimonial about the results

💎 Based on our experience from this campaign, there are still potential customers who did not attend the initial consultations but may return for additional areas. Those who purchased a single area may also provide valuable recommendations, which are expected to generate more revenue beyond February 18th, 2023.

To recap, the goal of this project was to generate a consistent flow of warm leads (2-3 per day) at a cost per lead (CPL) of up to 10€ for a permanent makeup service priced at 180€ (average market price in Spain is 100€), targeting Spanish-speaking clients on Instagram.

Resulted in gaining a loyal client who is willing to recommend us to others

You're welcome! In the second month of the campaign, we plan to strengthen the performance of the first offer with a conversion rate of 22.3% and expand customer acquisition efforts to include Facebook as well.

Thank you for your attention!

Original post published at VC, translated by team