Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 3

Let's move on to the profitable cases of arbitrageurs who have managed to make money on schemes in 2023

Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 3
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How much money can be made: 3 cases

So that's enough theory! Let's move on to the profitable cases of arbitrageurs who have managed to make money on schemes in 2022

Case 1: Sending gambling traffic via Telegram for $13.350.

  • Offer: PokerDom
  • IP: Gagarin.Partners
  • Geo: Russia
  • Payment Model: CPA $34.
  • Source: Telegram
  • Spent: $3.150
  • Earned: $14.500

This is a casino offer with minigames unlike the classic casino. We placed advertising articles in several channels with similar topics:

1. CashSpace 2.We earn from $13 per day 3.Read article 4.Read 5.Alternative page

The approach was based on the novelty of the offer and the lack of a whole channel for the offer. The articles revealed the secrets of successful schemes.

The link brought the webmaster more than $10.700 of net income for 60 days of work.

Case 2: Using shareware Traffic and Schemes to Direct Telegram Traffic to Gambling

In our efforts to direct traffic towards gambling, we utilized Vulkan, which proved to be a nuisance but still yielded conversions. To further optimize our strategy, we created the "Vulkan Casino Winning Schemes" channel dedicated to this particular offer. The channel published purportedly successful schemes aimed at defeating the casino. Building audience engagement played a crucial role in the overall success of this approach.

The post revealed a scheme, which included a link leading first to a landing page and then to an affiliate program. In addition, videos and screenshots of supposed winnings were shared. They also regularly published posts featuring testimonials from participants who claimed to have won.

The primary source of traffic was public chats on Telegram. To generate traffic there was created a list of 10-15 relevant chats in advance, focusing on thematic and active groups. The chats related to earning and business were particularly effective, as participants were actively seeking ways to make money.

The total costs for this project were $6. This includes $2,50 for the domain used to redirect to the affiliate, as well as $2 per month for hosting (using my own server). Additionally, I purchased accounts on SMS-activation services for 3-4 cents per PC, for a total of $1.30 including reserves, to ensure the project's longevity.

Over a period of three weeks, the project generated a profit of approximately $800.

Case 3: Sending traffic on Instagram gambling with an ROI of 300%

  • Offer: Pokerdom
  • Aff program: Gagarin
  • Geo: Russia
  • Earned: $600.

In this case, the tie-in is based on the "Aviator" slot. The user puts money, the odds start to grow. He can break at any second. Traffic is dumped to a Telegram channel. The sources of traffic were Instagram bloggers with a target audience of 18-25 years old:

  • $38 (inst stories) @kaha_tut 04.08
  • $27 (inst posts) @rub_memesss 05.08
  • $67 (post tg) @business_moneyeasy 07.08
  • $3.40 (inst inst posts) @hasbullaa_777 07.08
  • $8 (Inst. Stories) @blackjaail 08.08
  • $13.40 (Inst. Stories) @blackwolf_w204 10.08

Here's an example of creatives:

Come to the telegram channel! (Who wants to do 3-5k a day). Take a look!

Such a bunch would be good for targeting ads, with Facebook averaging 150-200% ROI. In addition, leads arrive within 3-6 days after advertising.

As we can observe, these schemes are still present and will continue to exist in the near future. Choosing the right offer can be a controversial decision - whether to focus on something that the audience is already familiar with, or to introduce new products. Our opinion is that if it's a classic casino or a typical binary, it's better to stick to what the audience already knows. However, if there is an offer with a radically new approach such as new games or cryptocurrency, it may be worth testing. In any case, it's important to constantly seek out new approaches to marketing and creatives in order to stay ahead of the competition


What is the difference between motivated traffic and scheme traffic?

Arbitrageurs sometimes use motivated traffic, paying people to take certain actions on a website or app. In contrast, scheme traffic involves an arbitrator gathering an audience and teaching them how to use different schemes to win, such as at a casino. People enjoy taking advantage of the schemes, and the advertiser makes money while the arbitrator earns interest. In motivated traffic, the arbitrator pays people for performing specific actions.

Which verticals can I tap into with scheme traffic?

Any vertical where you can offer people a scheme. Typically, these include casinos, binary options, trading sites, and other similar offers that appeal to those who enjoy freebies.

What approaches in scheme traffic are effective?

One of the most effective models for schema traffic is dumping from Facebook to a Telegram channel. A spin-off through Instagram and bloggers on the same Telegram channel also works well. Some people persistently and effectively send traffic on FB, but it's important to understand that building up a large volume of schemes takes time and effort from a team of arbitrageurs.

Is Telegram the only source of scheme traffic?

No, it's not. Instagram and FB are also sources of scheme traffic, but there's a greater risk of getting banned for life on Instagram. However, Instagram has a more trustworthy audience as it's supposed to keep out all kinds of spam, though webmasters still find ways to get in.

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