Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 2

Compared to casinos and microloans, binary and crypto are generally easier to advertise through a blogger as they don't carry the same level of stigma or negative connotation.

Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 2
Part 1 published here.

Advertising through a blogger

Compared to casinos and microloans, binary and crypto are generally easier to advertise through a blogger as they don't carry the same level of stigma or negative connotation.

In general, sending traffic to binary and crypto is easier than to casinos and microloans since they don't have a big red flag on them.

The principle is to find bloggers in relevant niches - those who specialize in finance and earning topics. Many of them sell courses and other products, essentially doing Infopreneurship, which is good for us.

Be prepared to go through several blogs before finding someone who will agree to sell you advertising.

Ads should only be in stories, as in the feed they would not be so prominent - stories are better. Choose offers from well-known brands such as Forex, Binarium, and Bimono. Have the blogger recommend your channel in Telegram as the one where they learned about Forex.

Serve the man - they should feel confident that you will do everything to help them, teach them, and show them how to become richer. In Instagram, you can focus more on the channel than Forex. It's much easier to convert people from the channel.

When choosing a blogger, pay attention to their subscribers and reactions on their wall, and who writes comments to avoid scammers and participants in activity chats.

Sources of scheme traffic

Make sure to carefully read the offer's description, as it often provides information on the preferred, allowed, prohibited, and default traffic sources. Usually, several options are used:

  • The most popular approach nowadays is to catch people from Facebook and bring them to a Telegram channel, warm them up, and then direct them to the website. Feedback can also be received through Telegram.
  • Another approach is to target Instagram users with ads on the page of a "rich and successful" person who can share advice on becoming wealthy and successful via direct messaging. This approach is less common but still effective. It requires more personal communication, making it more challenging to scale up the volume.
  • The rarest method is to use schemes with FB publishers. Despite FB being considered "old-fashioned" for arbitrage, some still manage to run successful schemes on this platform. If it has worked before, why not test it? It might also be worth exploring this approach for promoting gambling on TikTok.

Examples of Successful Creatives

Signup bonuses are no longer effective, or at least they are not as effective as they used to be, especially for a relatively loyal audience. We recommend using them only for those who already have a warm, established channel and a loyal audience, and only for the purpose of driving traffic.

Here are examples of such channels.

You can easily create such a creative in just 2 minutes using Canva or find one on Google - often, such creatives are already provided by the affiliate program on their website. It's safe to use them in native ads or on TV, but for Instagram, it's controversial. Post carefully and only use them in Stories to avoid getting banned, although even then, there's always a risk. you can use also.

This creative converts well with a scheme scroll: come up with a scheme, find a casino with demos and spin the slots. Record the entire process, and then voice over it - explaining why to spin 3 times for $10, and then 2 for $20. Spin to win, cut the explanation and the end with the winnings, and then edit the video. Finally, add the comment 'The scheme works, take the money.' You can either create such creatives yourself or find/order them on Google or Telegram chats.

Another effective way is to use 'Thank Gambling.' Find a photo with money, with a blurred casino website on the background. Post the photo in your posts and add a caption like 'Thank you, great casino for another win!' You can also find videos on YouTube, take a screenshot, and cut the right moment to use in your post.

On Telegram, leave comments under posts using photos from left-leaning profiles – this will increase engagement. Human psychology works in such a way that when in doubt, people want to know other people's opinions.

On Instagram, you can post similar pictures on your profile, but emphasize money, watches on your hand, and other elements so that the algorithm won't flag the picture due to a casino in the background. You can also post schemes in stories, but be careful as Instagram has become more vigilant about such content.

The best offers for the scheme traffic

There are a number of criteria to consider for an offer:

  • Drops: the number of test deposits the advertiser wants in order to evaluate the traffic. If the traffic is OK, the advertiser himself will ask to increase the volumes;
  • Hold: can be up to a month;
  • What kind of advertiser: whether he makes concessions, whether there are claims from other webmasters.

In proven affiliate companies you can take popular offers, such as:

  • Vulkan
  • JoyCasino
  • Casino-x
  • PariMatch
  • Casino 777

People have heard about them, seen their ads, so suspicion is minimal.

Similarly with finances:

  • Forex
  • Big Money Rush
  • Binomo
  • Olymp Trade
  • Binarium

Disadvantages at work

There are four major problems that can arise when working with scheme traffic:

  1. Limited test deposits from the advertiser. When your audience starts showing interest and you have an idea of how many people are ready to make a deposit, the advertiser may limit the number of test deposits to only 20-30. This can be frustrating as it limits your ability to scale and increase profits.
  2. Offer shutdowns. Sometimes an offer may be shut down, which can result in the loss of your audience. However, there are ways to mitigate this risk and retain your audience.
  3. Long hold periods. The scheme traffic typically reinvests itself, so a shorter hold period means you can reinvest your profits more quickly and increase your overall volume and profits.
  4. Poor quality traffic. Advertisers often expect quick results, so the average player check needs to be higher than your bid. Quality is typically measured over a few weeks to a month. If the traffic doesn't pay off, it may be time to look for a new product.

What does the stable operation of scheme traffic depend on?

1. A stable advertiser. Warming up and processing the audience takes time - from 1 week to a month. It's important that your provider waited and did not stop the offer. Because stopping is a loss of money. Yes, you can switch the audience to a new casino, but you'll lose half the people, and the other half will have to be warmed up again.

2. Quality of traffic. Schemes do not live long. So at the beginning of spinning it is important to squeeze the maximum out of them. Your players must make new deposits - they need to be pushed and pressed. Otherwise it will be unprofitable to work with you.

3. GEO and approach. An important point - the choice of GEO for the scheme and the approach used there. We cannot work in Russia, and then transfer the scheme to Japan. For example, in India players have a hard time making their first couple of deposits, although afterwards, warmed up, they easily lose quite large sums.

End of part two. In the third part we'll tell you about the possible earnings and give you a couple of cases.

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