Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 1

There are various ways to drive traffic to gambling and finance, including Facebook, spam, pop-unders, and more. One of the easiest ways to generate leads (and put money in your pocket) is by using traffic schemes.

Scheme traffic in gambling and finances. Part 1

There are various ways to drive traffic to gambling and finance, including Facebook, spam, pop-unders, and more. One of the easiest ways to generate leads (and put money in your pocket) is by using traffic schemes. This approach works well with casino and poker, betting, and fake binary options offers.

The primary audience for such offers are financially solvent adults. On the one hand, they must have developed critical thinking skills, but on the other, they are often swayed by the excitement of the possibility of winning big. But the luck is not for them but for the advertiser and the affiliate marketer. The algorithm for executing the scheme is simple enough: a public forum is created on FB or Telegram to publish the earnings scheme and attract an audience.

Scheme Traffic: A Motivated Traffic Type for Gambling Offers

Scheme traffic is a type of motivated traffic that works particularly well in the gambling industry, as long as it's allowed by the terms of the offer. The idea behind it is to use a scheme to beat the casino, attract gamblers, and convince them that they can "ruin" the casino as well. This is achieved by sharing stories of how the schemer resents the casino, providing fake evidence of profitable withdrawals, and showcasing correspondence with those who have already earned money through the scheme. As a result, people sign up and deposit money, and the schemer earns a commission.

To effectively drive scheme traffic, it's best to target countries where people are more likely to take advantage of freebies. These include CIS countries, middle European countries, and countries where Telegram and Facebook are popular.

How to drive scheme traffic

One of the most successful methods for driving scheme traffic in the gambling industry is through Facebook advertising. Once a potential lead clicks on the ad, they are directed to a Telegram channel where they are warmed up for 5-7 days before being given a link to a casino. After that, a scheme is sent to them in private messages, which they are encouraged to run.

The key to success in this strategy is to target an audience that is already familiar with the gambling industry and is open to the idea of making money through it. By focusing on this audience, you can increase the likelihood of success with your scheme traffic.

In general, individuals who have already made a deposit in the past are often considered to be valuable leads. They can be encouraged to deposit more money and continue playing through various methods, such as targeted mass mailing.

It's important to note that while scheme traffic can be profitable, it may not be allowed by the terms of certain offers. It's important to always read and follow the terms and conditions of each offer to avoid potential penalties or loss of earnings.

Which affiliate companies accept motivated traffic

  • Admitad - offers online stores for motivated traffic.
  • AdvertStar - there are offers for traffic from Wmmail. It is possible to withdraw funds from $13.
  • WHAFF - there are several offers for motivated traffic, provided the involved users behave actively in the application. Payments from $11.
  • Mixmarket - there are several offers for the motivated traffic, but spam and popanders are forbidden. Payouts from $0,67.
  • Adsup - there are 4 or 5 offers for the motivated traffic. Feature: You can attract leads only from mobile devices.

Traffic schemes in gambling

One method to generate gambling traffic is through Telegram schemes, which can range from innocent images to ads for various products.

A common tactic is to create a Telegram account using a disposable phone number to avoid losing personal information or getting blocked. From there, create a channel with a catchy name, description, and backstory. For example, you could use a legend like this: "Hi, I'm Ivan, a former employee of the 'Three Axes' casino. I was fired unfairly and not paid my salary, so I decided to seek revenge. I know there are many vulnerabilities in the 'Vulcan' casino and I'll expose them all in my channel!"

Be as creative as possible with the legend and make it believable to your audience. The article can include tips on how to register at a casino, how to deposit a balance, and even a "Top 5 easiest games for beginners" list. You can advertise your channel through Facebook, and forums where you have an active profile. Finally, engage your audience with posts and updates to keep them interested.

There are three types of posts.

1. Schemes:

2. Pseudo-posts:

3. For newbies:

Remember that it's important to be transparent with your audience and disclose that all links on your channel are your referral/affiliate links. Additionally, you should let them know that if they go to the gambling site through another link, the scheme may not work.

It's common for a high percentage of referrals to be lost, typically between 95 to 100%. If someone contacts you with complaints that the scheme didn't work for them, it's better to handle the situation with empathy and understanding. Instead of ignoring or redirecting them, try to help them troubleshoot and suggest that they try again.

By maintaining good communication with your audience and ensuring that they are using your referral/affiliate links, you can increase your chances of earning a steady stream of income from referrals. This is especially important considering that most affiliate casinos pay a percentage of the losses of referred players, rather than just from their deposits.

Here's a real example of how it happens:

This approach may result in increased profits for you. Many gamblers, especially those who are addicted, often dream of winning back their losses and believe that they will eventually succeed. By receiving a stream of funds from referrals rather than one-time deposits, you can benefit from this mindset. Additionally, it's worth noting that affiliate casinos typically pay a percentage of the loss, not the deposit, making it more advantageous to have a steady stream of referrals.

The second way: Bohemian Insta

The second method is called the "Bohemian Insta," and it is more complicated than using Telegram schemes. This method involves creating a profile-blog on Instagram under the guise of a successful person who has risen from the bottom and is ready to help others do the same.

To create this profile, you should post pictures of expensive cars, luxurious vacations in Bali, colorful cocktails, and a beautiful woman by your side. You don't necessarily need to post personal photos; it's enough to use photos you find on Pinterest or other sources.

Roughly Insta should look like this:

After setting up the account and gaining subscribers, start actively thanking the casino in your Instagram stories for helping you succeed, and engage your audience in Telegram where you can share tips on how to bypass the algorithms.

Make sure to keep your Telegram audience engaged by publishing posts from Instagram that show off new watches, equipment, and other luxury items. And, as described above, work with objections and encourage people to make additional deposits.

Schematic traffic in finance

Two approaches work well here:

  • A blog by a Millionaire who rose on binary options (and other nonsense)
  • Advertising through a blogger

Millionaire Blog

Create a blog based on Telegram and present it as the personal account of a wealthy individual. Regularly post stories about their luxurious lifestyle, positioning them as a knowledgeable person who has studied the ins and outs of the financial world.

At some point, write a post offering investment advice, perhaps starting with something like, "Many of you ask me where and how to invest your money. To help, I've decided to share one crypto prediction per week. Who's brave enough to try it?"

Include clear and detailed instructions on how and what to buy, as many financial sites are not intuitive. Be patient and kind with your audience, walking them through the registration process and other steps.

Make sure that all links from the channel are your referral links, and once you've attracted traffic to your channel, offer additional investment advice and schemes in a subtle manner. Consider creating a private VIP channel that offers the best investment reviews for a paid subscription. While there may not be many subscribers, they will likely be more receptive to investment opportunities.

Attributes and pictures of the beautiful life can be spied on Google and Pinterest:

End of part one, part two in a couple of days.
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