Why anti-detect browser is a must-have for affiliate marketers

You can drive tons of quality traffic, but only if you launch dozens and hundreds of advertising accounts. And this is only possible with an anti-detect browser.

Why anti-detect browser is a must-have for affiliate marketers

Nowadays, an affiliate marketer’s earnings depend not so much on ROI, but on the volume of traffic driven in plus. Your ROI can be 50-60%, but if you get hundreds of thousands of clicks and create thousands of leads in the shortest possible time, your earnings will be impressive. Commonly, a lot of traffic comes from a large number of accounts, so this article tells how to successfully and efficiently manage an unlimited number of accounts.

Advertising networks impose restrictions on daily budgets and constantly ban accounts, because they consider almost all affiliate offers as a priori containing grey content. Even if it’s a training course or a fishing kit. This being so, you can drive tons of quality traffic, but only if you launch dozens and hundreds of advertising accounts. And this is only possible with an anti-detect browser.

Software for multi-accounting

The perfect solution for multi-accounting today is anti-detect browsers, and the leader among them is Dolphin Anty. All the features of this anti-detect browser are designed so that you can create as many browser profiles as you like, and therefore unnumbered advertising accounts. For bulk work with advertising accounts, the following options are provided:

● Maximum anonymization;

● Cookie robot;

● Working with profiles;

● Working with proxies;

● Scenarios;

● Extensions and bookmarks for FB and Google advertising platforms;

● Teamwork;

● Integration with automatic uploading of advertisements.

Each user can get 10 profiles for free or sign up for any other tariff to suit their needs, up to 10 thousand profiles and even more.


Profiles created in Dolphin Anty perfectly pass browser fingerprint checkers. All thanks to the titanic work of the developers and the complex mechanisms of the browser.

Passing Pixelscan through Dolphin Anty

Therefore, in all browser profiles, trackers from Google, Facebook, and TikTok see different users who are trusted.

Another anonymization technique is to imitate the behaviour of real users in a profile. Anti-fraud systems do not see suspiciously automated actions and the browser profile inspires confidence.

Smart Paste feature.

Dolphin Anty has a Smart Paste feature. When pasting the copied text, it types it at the speed of a common user. As a result, anti-fraud systems see natural typing that does not arouse suspicion.

To ensure that advertising accounts receive more trust, Dolphin Anty has a cookie robot. Using a list of links, it acquires cookies in a short time as if a live user had been acquiring them during a long period.

To pharm cookies, you need to open the profile menu in the list and click on the “cookie robot” tab. A window will open where you need to upload a list of links and click on start.

In-line work with profiles

Dolphin Anty has the simplest and most convenient profile organizer. Everything is there: statuses, notes, tags, linked proxies, timer and total operating time, last modified date - a particularly useful feature for tracking the work of pharmers.

Profiles can be filtered by tags, statuses, users and proxies. They can be edited individually or en masse, deleted, their cookies can be imported, and they also can be added en masse with randomization of browser fingerprints.

You can run the desired scenario for all selected profiles.

Profile columns can be added, deleted, expanded and narrowed. The “hottest” profiles can be fixed on the top.

Working with proxies

There is a separate tab for proxy servers where you can add, remove them, as well as check their working condition.

Proxy list. In the profile column you can see how many of them are on each proxy.

By highlighting a proxy server in the list, you can share it with other team members, check its connection, or delete it.

Once you have added a proxy server, it can be associated with any browser profiles. By the way, if you use mobile or other proxies with dynamic IP, you can change their IP directly in the browser - just specify the link to change and click on the circle icon next to the desired profile.

Button to update the IP address.


One of the most time-consuming activities is pharming and warming up of advertising accounts. Dolphin Anty saves time on pharming and warming up of tens, hundreds and thousands of accounts. For this purpose, the anti-detect browser has scenarios for automatic behaviour in profiles.

Example scenario for pharming a Facebook account.

It looks like this: an affiliate marketer writes an action scenario, and then attaches it to the selected profiles. You can attach a different scenario to other browser profiles.

A scenario can be added to any number of profiles.

As a result, the anti-detect browser will automatically perform the actions that you specified in the scenario. This way, you can simultaneously pharm and warm up as many advertising accounts as you like - Dophin Anty will perform all actions as if they were performed by a live user. At the same time, the browser can also acquire cookies for each account.

Extensions and bookmarks

Each affiliate marketer or team has pages that require instant access and useful plugins. All this can be added to any number of profiles in a couple of clicks.

The same with extensions - you get them via a link from Google Chrome and can add them to any profiles.

Similarly, you can configure the start pages from which the browser profile will open. Do this in the “Settings” section.

Consequently, you won’t have to fill up each profile from scratch with bookmarks, start pages and extensions - all this will be automatically added to it upon creation, if you so desire.


You can add assistants to the anti-detect browser and assign access rights to them.

You can share profiles, bookmarks, extensions, scenarios with assistants and assign roles to them. Moreover, all the desired information can be transferred to either one or many team members in one click.

Integration with automatic upload

In addition to anti-detect feature, Dolphin has an automatic upload of advertisements. Using it, you can launch hundreds of advertising campaigns, creatives, as well as edit and delete them.

In the Dolphin Anty settings you can add your account token in the automatic upload system. After this, Dolphin Cloud will bulk add, edit and delete advertisements in your anti-detect browser profiles.

How to get started with Dolphin Anty?

Download the browser from the official Dolphin Anty website. Just follow the link and the website will prompt you to choose a location to save the installation file.

Next, install the anti-detect browser and select a folder to store it. Then, log in or register in the window that opens, after this the account is ready.

All the key functions are in the left sidebar and are very self-explanatory.

You can test drive the anti-detect browser using the free plan, since almost all features are available on it. Paid tariff plans simply expand the limit on the number of profiles, provide options for teamwork and creating scenarios.

Thus, Dolphin Anty is a must-have if you want to:

● Launch hundreds and thousands of browser profiles and advertising accounts;

● Bulk upload advertisements;

● Pharm accounts automatically in the background;

● Instantly edit hundreds of profiles, changing proxies, statuses, tags, cookies;

● Add start pages, plugins and bookmarks;

● Delineate roles for team members and transfer profiles, scenarios, proxies, extensions and other objects to them either en masse or individually.

With Dolphin Anty, the most capricious advertising platform will become warm and fuzzy.